Videos – Will Black + Velvet Revolver – Mercy Angel (demo)

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Click and download the MP3 for ‘Mercy Angel’ right here.

From (June 2010), “…Velvet Revolver remain a band without a singer — but not for lack of trying. “This next record will be us doing what we want to do without making any concessions to anybody,” Slash declared. “Which is why it’s taking so long to find a singer, because we want to find the guy who can front that band and not something we have to conform to.” “

In October 2008, I wrote and recorded 2 songs as part of an audition process for rock band Velvet Revolver (featuring guitarist Slash, formerly of Guns N’ Roses). Earlier that year they fired their lead singer Scott Weiland, and as of January 2011 they are still without a frontman and continuing their search. I believe these tracks prove my value as a candidate to be the new vocalist for Velvet Revolver. What do you think?

I wrote and sang the vocals for Mercy Angel – Slash, Duff, Matt & Dave recorded the rest.

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