Unwritten Number (demo)

Tell me Brother, what you gonna do
When the world that you seek turns on you
Are you solid, can you make a stand
Or are you just a make believe rocketman

Tell me Brother, oh don’t ya know
Just how deep that the rabbit hole can go
Straight to the bottom, right from the top
The traveler unknown cannot stop

Lose the past, begin again
You are the end, you are the end
Forget the future, Brother Amen
You are the end, you are the end

Whisper Brother, the spells you speak
Will twist, turn and into your heart will creep
You will continue to get what you got
If you continue to think what you have always thought


“Let’s take a trip together down ‘the rabbit hole’.. ;)”

Song Credits

From the album “The Blinding Heights (demos)”, track released January 9, 2011

Written by Will Black © 2011 Some rights reserved

Will Black – Vocals, guitar

Produced, engineered and mixed by Will Black

Photo by Bror Muller, design by Will Black

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