Too Much

I drove past the church today
Ain’t nothing but a field of graves
The cold winds of autumn steal my memories home
I guess that’s something that I probably shoulda known

It’s too much for me this time
Too much this time
Little Miss Foreverafter is long gone
It’s too much for me this time

Saluting swords marked the way
Your old man cried when he gave you away
A broke down man has gotta face his demons alone
Feels like there’s something way back then everybody shoulda known


An old, dead tree still standing against the wind
Our names carved into it
But the years are departed from when we held each other close
Feels like there’s just one thing that I wish you coulda known

Chorus – Miss Foreverafter is long, long gone
Yeah, it’s too much for me this time
Yeah, yeah

“Too many times a broken heart, too many shattered promises, one dream that fell apart far too long ago is too much for any 2 people to endure. I wrote this tune the weekend before it was recorded. I wanted something raw and acoustic to finish as the final track of the album.”

Song Credits

From the album “Dancing With The Dead”, released April 1, 2008

Written by Will Black © 2008 All Rights Reserved

Will Black – Vocal, guitar

Produced by Will Black
Engineered & mixed by Chris Crerar at Metalworks Studios Toronto, Canada
Mastered by Scott Lake at Metalwork Studios Toronto, Canada

Photo by Sarah Hughes

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