The Blinding Heights Podcast Episode 27 08/13/12

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The Blinding Heights Podcast is produced & hosted by Will Black. You can hear & download all released episodes right here or at iTunes.

The Blinding Heights Podcast Episode 27 – Monday, August 13, 2012

Featuring Gold Motel plus

Mark Loughman, T Riley, JAMESPARKER, Larry g(EE),

Vintage Trouble, Kirby Brown, The Roomsounds, Ashbury Keys,

Stone Cold Fox, Dead Smiling Pirates, Chiwawa,

Soulicit, Dana-Maire Battaglia, Will Black.

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2 Responses to "The Blinding Heights Podcast Episode 27 08/13/12"

  1. Cindy 14/08/2012 07:08:40

    Hi, Will the new episode 27 of Blinding Heights podcast is amazing.
    I’ll never get enough of it, because that’s really great !!! 😛

    You rock Rocksuperhero ! :-* <3

    • Will Black 21/08/2012 10:08:16

      Rock on, Cindy – all the musicians on the podcast appreciate your support. Please spread the word and rock on 8)

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