The Blinding Heights Podcast Episode 25 05/15/12

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The Blinding Heights Podcast Episode 25 – Tuesday, May 15, 2012

THE BEST OF Featuring

Josh Doyle, State Line Empire, Jesse Terry,

Emma-Lee, The Trews, Deluka, Matrimony,

Roxie 77, Killed By Design, The Black Sharks,

The Hot Toddies, Rachel Platten, Danielle Barbe.

Stars Go Dim, Andrew Cole, Chris Caddell,

Yellowbirds, Jules Larson, Gold Motel, Will Black.

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Please post your comments below and let the artists included in this episode know –
Who was your favorite?
Which song did you enjoy the most?
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2 Responses to "The Blinding Heights Podcast Episode 25 05/15/12"

  1. Sue Kemp 19/05/2012 05:05:56

    Congrats Will on an AMAZING 25th episode of the Blinding Heights Podcast..!!!! Truly the BEST of the BEST…!!! And I would I have been a dedicated and appreciative listener of ALL 25 Episodes…!!!! I want to thank you for opening my ears and mind to so many talented amazing Indie Artists that I would never have discovered on my own…it’s a whole new world of music discovery……and I am LOVING it…!!!! So Will Black…I say to you…DON”T STOP…keep bringing it…here’s to the next 25 episodes….ROCK ON…!!!! 🙂

    • Will Black 20/05/2012 01:05:45

      Cheers, Sue – you have a been real rock and a TRUE superfan. Your support helps this podcaster keep his musical ride going – THANK YOU 🙂

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