The Blinding Heights Podcast Episode 1 10​/​10​/​10

Broadcasting to hearts and minds from the center of your rock ‘n roll universe…

Experience now – The Blinding Heights (previously known as Rockstar Radio)

A musical podcast featuring the greatest new indie rock songs this side of the Milky Way! Will Black handpicks the best of the best each episode to showcase independent recording artists from around our world. A memorable 60 minutes of music plus a feature band interview each episode!

The Blinding Heights Podcast is produced & hosted by Will Black and airs new episodes every other Sunday night at 8 pm EST (approx). You can hear & download all released episodes right here or at iTunes.

The Blinding Heights Podcast Episode 1 – Sunday, Oct. 10, 2010

Featuring Honor By August &

The Scarlett Fever, The Juliets, Chris Caddell and The Wreckage,

Killed By Design, Tim Halperin, The BellBoys, Navarone & Will Black.

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