The Blinding Heights (demos)

  1. Hell Over Heaven (demo)
  2. Madison Ave. (demo)
  3. Holy Love (demo)
  4. Unwritten Number (demo)
  5. Firing Squad (demo)
  6. Alexandra Falling (demo)
  7. Feel Like A Million (demo)
  1. Cape Town (demo)
  2. Pretty Garden (demo)
  3. Christine, Dangerously Close (demo)
  4. Bleeding At Your Backdoor Tonight (demo)
  5. Closer (demo)
  6. Trace Your Tattoo (demo)

Album Notes

Released October 10, 2010 (currently ongoing)

Songs written and produced by Will Black, except for “Feel Like A Million” written by Al Cottell and Will Black © 2010 Some Rights Reserved

Acoustic demo songs written and recorded in preparation for my next studio album (possibly late 2011/early 2012). New demos are premiered on each episode of The Blinding Heights Podcast.

Cover photo by Brandon Toomey

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