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    Alexandra Falling (demo)

    No need to fear, brand new ghosts found here. Just Alexandra falling tonight...

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    Beautiful Losers

    Honey I got a rocket, a vintage 409 under the hood. Would you need a happy ending, if I took you away for good?...

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    Bleeding At Your Backdoor Tonight (demo)

    I'm the lone gunfighter dying from a bullet. Take me into the light...

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    Cape Town (demo)

    Summertime fading fast, see the pretty girl nervously laugh...

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    Cherry (VR demo)

    Reform schoolgirl, drop dead beauty queen. Any woman I want she will make me believe...

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    Christine, Dangerously Close (demo)

    Seventh year to the day and the old times will remain true. I will surrender only to you, the moonlight ain't no stranger...

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    Closer (demo)

    My hand next to your heart, your heart always on my mind. My mind cannot not think about you...

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    Dancing With The Dead

    Sweet Lucy comes walking closer next to me and by the lights off the mirrorball I finally see. She ain’t so pretty, not like what those other ghouls say...

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    The Princess appeared from a faraway place. Dancing just like magic before Wonderboy ...

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    Feel Like A Million (demo)

    Maybe I'm wrong, baby maybe I'm right, but girl I'm just workin' it right here tonight ...

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    Firing Squad (demo)

    This apartment that we keep ain't nothing but a battleground. Tonight how can I expect to sleep, my heart is shattered by a bulletround...

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    Glory Road

    I can remember back to better days. The infidel was a world away. Now a nation has grown too great, the villain too bold...

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    Heart Of Gold

    I’d never doubt about finding you in my fate. I walk this world knowing you could be only steps away...

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    Hell Over Heaven (demo)

    Love lost, a broken cross. Watch pirate flags unfurl...

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    Holy Love (demo)

    I lie here with you on this new moon night. Your smile so crooked and the moves you use so right...

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    Madison Ave. (demo)

    There’s a place, there’s a child. Watching two lovers walk down The Aisle, wondering if true love is true...

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    Mercy Angel (demo)

    Bury the key you kept to my bleeding heart, my angel promises so much more...

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    Pretty Garden (demo)

    Can't fight the vixen she's the dreamer I gotta know. Your pretty garden, let it grow...

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    Senorita Ballerina

    Senorita, I’m gonna throw you roses tonight. Ballerina, the prettiest thing this side of the night...

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    Too Much

    An old, dead tree still standing against the wind, our names carved into it...

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    Trace Your Tattoo (demo)

    Don’t piss your days away. You know I got that touch you crave...

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    Trouble In Mind

    You’re mama’s baby, you’re daddy’s little girl, but they don’t know you got trouble in mind ...

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    Unwritten Number (demo)

    Are you solid, can you make a stand or are you just a make believe rocketman?...


All songs written by Will Black, except “Feel Like A Million” written by Al Cottell and Will Black

8 Responses to "Songs"

  1. Cristina 19/10/2012 01:10:38

    Will, I love your music and your energy! I am a Glambert and found you through my Glambert feed in twitter. I immediately loved your style and performance and your assertiveness with your radio show. I even sent the link of your radio show to a group I know. They are Independent Artists and I think you guys should meet. They are from Atlanta, GA. I’ll give you their link, i think you would like them.
    Thanks for your music, I loved finding you, and congrats on your creativeness and success. Wish you the best… I’m hooked.


    • Will Black 19/10/2012 01:10:10

      Thank you, Cristina for your post 🙂 Yup, Adam Lambert is a great singer and I’ll be sure to check your band link too… I’m always scouting awesome independent bands for my podcast, The Blinding Heights. Stay in touch and rock on 😉

  2. Jenna Westenra 07/09/2012 09:09:04

    Will! You’re a tough guy, cool guy! You’re music’s very good!!!!!!!!

    • Will Black 19/09/2012 06:09:22

      Yes, I am very tough – like marshmellow!!! lol – thanks for the inspiring post, I’m flexing my pecs right now 😉 Rock on.

  3. Will 26/07/2012 02:07:32

    Hi Will, I can say only one thing you and your songs are the absolute insanity, I enjoy your songs again because you have an insanely great voice.

    🙂 B-)

    Lg Cindy

    • Will Black 01/08/2012 01:08:52

      Rock on, Cindy – I’m all about the “absolute insanity” 8)

  4. asrieq 02/06/2012 08:06:23

    Will Black ?, I just downloaded your free songs,i really enjoyed & i must say : your music is amazing & you really have a great voice & songs 🙂 Thank you Thank you So Much , I Love it <3

    • Will Black 06/06/2012 12:06:34

      Thanks for listening and downloading the tunes. I appreciate your support. Please keep in touch! Rock on 8)

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