Good evening, Planet Earth! Join me in creating my 3rd rock n’ roll record and pre-order the album on Pledgemusic now.

CLICK to pre-order the new album.

Good evening, Planet Earth!

I’m about to record my 3rd independent album of original rock songs and I couldn’t have made it this far without you, THANK YOU.

Together we are creating a new studio produced CD that will be at least 5 songs long, but hopefully closer to 10. Once this Pledgemusic project hits 100% funding I will add new songs to the album for every additional 12% gained (ie. 160% = 10 songs).

When you join the campaign you will experience the process of getting these songs born via the updates I will be posting here every week. Including elimination-style vote offs for your favourite demo song and being part of creating an original track from scratch – all for inclusion on the final record.

Beat the Fall 2016 street release and get my new music in your ears on February 23 – months before the rest of the world.

Plus lots of new exclusives that you can only ever get during this crowdfunding campaign.

Please pre-order my new album today and together let’s make a rock n’ roll record 🙂

Rock on, Will

ps. If you have any questions regarding Rewards, Updates, etc. – please contact me directly via email at and I will reply back ASAP.

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