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Good Evening, Planet Earth!

The 2nd Annual Will Black OPS: Escape To Bermuda fan event was a great success!
General Sue Kemp and I proudly hosted things this past weekend June 26 – 28.
Over the course of 72 hours we all drank, sun-tanned, danced, sang, dined AND drank some more at Hog Penny, Warwick Long Bay, Horseshoe Beach, Hamilton Princess, Frog & Onion and The Dock at The Waterlot.
There was wind! There was Voodoo Wahoo! And there was a big ol’ party in Paul’s hotel room!!
Huge shout-outs to all the OPS members who made the trip to Bermuda this summer including Debbie Schepinski, Paul and Lyn Hardy, Eleanor and Vince Macchiocchi, Jill and Clay LaForest, Karen Legault and Dad Black.

Take a look through the awesome PHOTO ALBUM here.

Already looking forward to TimmyFest in Wisconsin for our OPS Escape next Fall 2016 – details to be confirmed later this year. Expect pig roast, paintball… and of course live music performances too!

I’m working to FINALLY finalize the March 2016 UK / Canada tour dates. I know the dates and venues I want to be at, just need to get the final confirmations done. Fingers crossed for a separate tour announcement email later this month sent out to all the rock n’ roll faithful.

And just as important… THE NEW ALBUM JOURNEY HAS BEGUN!

The crowdfunding campaign to raise funds via pre-sale for my 3rd album will launch in 6 weeks on Tuesday, August 18th!
I’ve got some cool surprises in store for the campaign this time around which I will be sharing in my next newsletter in early August, but a few of points to get you excited for the next record:

1. Gonna be original tunes? Yup, all written by yours truly – no covers, no co-writers.

2. CD format, right? Not just a digital MP3 download? Yup, at least a 5 track EP length project pressed on CD with plans to go as big as 10 tunes! (that would make it my biggest album yet).

3. Rock n’ roll music, correct? ..not going country or polka?!? Think “Pretty Garden” and “Original Rose” – that’s the rock guitar direction I am headed, and no strings or keyboards this time. Just me (vox/guitars), Mike Conto (guitars), Mark Kelso (drums), Russ Boswell (bass) and of course, Jenn Taylor (beautiful angel vox) 🙂

Also don’t forget that I am hosting OPEN HOUSE live stream shows for everyone to join me online each Sunday at 11 AM EST / 4 PM UK.
These performances can be watched from any desktop, laptop or mobile devices that play YouTube videos.
Tune in FREE here:

Rock on & thank you for your continued support,


photo courtesy: Paul Hardy

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