Will Black Dispatch Issue 1


Good Evening, Planet Earth!

Welcome to the premier issue of the WILL BLACK DISPATCH – my brand new online fan letter to inform folks around the world about the current happenings regarding the future of rock ‘n roll 😉

The final show of 2008 was the New Year’s Eve performance at Hog Penny and it was a smashing success (cheers to Thom and Hovi for bringing down their crew). Probably the best New Year’s show we have had yet and it was a perfect ending to a busy and inspirational year for me here in Bermuda.
April 1 was the start of my 4th season of performing nightly at Hog Penny Pub in Bermuda and the long awaited release of my first album of original material – ‘Dancing With The Dead’. Currently there are 500 copies of the album, hundreds of downloads and 2 released radio singles making their way around the globe and the world wide web, and I’m happy with the inital success it is having. I also began getting my presence known across the internet (and the entire planet) via social networks like MySpace, iLike and Facebook – quite a learning experience it has been! These tools have been invaluable to a rookie independent recording artist like myself, and I’m constantly discovering just how awesome the marketing of my music to fans directly via Web 2.0 applications has become. I’m looking forward to grow and strengthen the fanbase over the course of the coming year by keeping in touch with as many of you as possible, while continuing to release inspired new material.

My first music video will be debuting this spring for the title track of the album, ‘Dancing With The Dead’. When it’s ready I’ll post it on YouTube and make a big announcement so everyone can take a stare at it. There are also whispers from ‘the lovely muse inside my head’ that this summer I will be recording another rock, yet more guitar-driven 5 song EP album as well. Cross your fingers for that one 😉

As usual this time of year I’m on a 3 month ‘break’ from performing in Bermuda. Last year I was freezing my ass off in Toronto recording the DWTD album, but this year I will be south of the equator on a 10 week trip through Africa (gasp!) – finally time for some adventure. Starting January 24 I will be traveling from Nairobi to Cape Town via overland truck and camping my way across the open savannah. Hopefully I will appear a wiser individual (a wise guy?) near the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa on or around March 24. Should be the trip of a lifetime and I look forward to posting updates and photos from the ‘Dark Continent’ when I return. Highlights should include skydiving over the Namib Desert, white-water rafting on the White Nile and diving with Great White sharks off the southern coast and oh yeah, I should be seeing some animals as well (mountain gorillas in Rwanda – wow). I’ll be bringing the acoustic guitar with me so maybe I’ll write a song or two, eh?

Thanks again to everyone for your support. Please continue to spread the word and share the music and may all your wishes come true for 2009!

The next DISPATCH will be posted in April when I return.

Rock on,


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