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UK Tour #1 Done

Good evening, Planet Earth!

After 2 weeks of traveling from the South in Brighton to the North in Scotland, I managed to complete my first ever tour of the United Kingdom. It was great – the crowds were awesome, friendly and really captured the spirit of what I have been trying to foster and grow via social media over the past couple years. Tour stops included London / Brighton / Manchester / Edinburgh / Glasgow & Birmingham in that order.

Favourite venue? The Half Moon in Putney. So much history there, a very well laid out room, super stage and proper Green Room! Really a top notch facility that I look forward to playing again.

Loudest, most passionate crowd? It was a close call between London and Manchester… London was a bigger turnout with lots of hardcore fans on a Monday night, but Manchester made even more noise from an audience two-thirds the size, so I award Manchester the props for this one. This doesn’t take anything away from the SUPERIOR quality of every group of friendly, music loving faces I performed for in all 6 cities. The love shared during these shows is among the best I’ve ever seen – THANK YOU.

Best late night bar for post-show drinks? The Royal Oak in Clapham, London. So convenient and lots going on… even at 2 AM on a Monday night. Plus a very convenient gyro deli across the street too.

Songs that got the most applause night after night? “Trace Your Tattoo” on the original side of things, “Bed Of Roses” on the cover end.

Favourite Premier Inn stayed at? Probably the one in Putney, London because they had working phones so I could call all the entourage members without having to walk to their rooms. Otherwise they were all pretty much the same – I highly recommend Premier Inn, great setup at a decent price… and REALLY comfortable beds.

With everything being such a success and the foundation being solidly laid for upcoming shows, I can now officially announce that tour dates for “The Fall Tour” in UK and Canada will go on sale in early April!

Before then though, I have a pair of shows in the Toronto area at the end of March, and then I’m back to Hog Penny in Bermuda for my 10th season of pub entertaining there.

TORONTO, ON on Friday March 20, 2015 @ The Hideout
BRAMPTON, ON on Saturday March 21, 2015 @ Spot One Bar and Grill (with Keep The Faith Bon Jovi Tribute)

Enjoy the photo albums below from all 6 nights of the tour. A final thank you to all the photographers who shared the talents with me and contributed their work. Thank you to everyone who shared 6 nights of performances with me and supported my tour with their hard earned coin. And the biggest THANK YOU of all to Sue, Genie and Jason who accompanied me on the road and made all the pieces fit just right 😉

Rock on,


photo: Rachel Hylton Smith

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