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Good Evening, Planet Earth!

It’s July 14th which means…
Happy 3rd Anniversary to all our OPS members!

The Will Black OPS is our fan group on Facebook and it’s been around now since summer of 2013. A great community of rock n’ roll fans from all over the world.
Click here to take a look and if you like, send a request to join 🙂

I’ve got the “Cry Like Hell” CDs with me now in Bermuda and I’m in the midst of signing them for the first batch of pre-order send outs tomorrow.
The artwork on them came out fantastic and it’s definitely the longest and most deluxe CD I’ve produced yet – can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on them!
If you didn’t pre-order a CD, no worries – the public release will be happening later this Fall. I’ll give everyone lots of heads up on that.

I’ve released MP3 downloads and lyric videos for half of the album so far, click on the song link to listen:

1. Cry Like Hell
2. Fire From Your Spark
3. Darkest Star
4. You Slay Me
5. Spooky Town
6. Blackie
7. Firing Squad
8. Unwritten Number
9. The General
10. Crazy Diamond
11. Love Forever Unfolding

If you are on Facebook, keep an eye out for my new live stream performances that I’m streaming there.
I’ve got shows every Sunday at 11 AM EST / 4 PM UK where I play your favourite rock songs on acoustic guitar.
Also be sure to ‘Like’ my Facebook Page to get notifications about when my shows go live as I do unscheduled performances throughout the week as well.

2 weekends ago was the annual Association of Canadians in Bermuda Canada Day Beach BBQ that I am currently involved with running. 600+ people on the beach at Warwick Long Bay drinking, eating and dancing to the best of Canadian music – the best turnout we’ve had since I’ve been president.
Keith and Sue made a visit to the festivities and drank Swizzle. 🙂

And lastly, don’t forget that TimmyFest is happening weekend of Sep 23 – 25 just outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It’s the only WillBlackOPS event of the year so if you are keen on hanging out with awesome people and catching a pair of intimate and interactive shows, then please join us for one of the best weekends ever – click here for all the details.

I hope your summer is hot and wonderful (or not too cold for my Southern Hemisphere friends).

Rock on, Will

photo: Emma-Lee

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