Trekking Across Middle Earth!


First off, let me congratulate the Canadian Men’s Hockey team on their gold medal win tonight against the USA – rock on, Canucks!  Canada has now won the most gold medals ever (14) at any Winter Games.

Let me continue this exciting issue by announcing that upon my permanent move to Toronto next week I will be igniting the fires of a brand new rock ‘n roll band called – Will Black & Th Ex-Soviets!  This new band will feature performances of both my original music and my favorite rock songs of all time.  It’s also my good fortune to announce that local singing sensation, Jenn Taylor will be joining me in this new rock outfit.  We are still early in the band-building process, but I am hoping to be announcing show dates by the spring.  March & April will be busy with auditions for a rhythm section, photo shoots and a re-launch for

Genie and I have also just returned to the grey skies and high winds of winter in Bermuda, after our month long journey through New Zealand and Australia.  Middle Earth (New Zealand) was a beautiful country and it was a pleasure to meet such a friendly nation of people.  We managed to drive our way across most of the North and South Islands during our 3 week stay.  Our personal highlights were the Lost World Caving at Waitomo and the canyoning at Niger stream in Wanaka.  Check out the awesome photos right here:

In Waitomo we spent our first 30 mins abseiling 300 ft into the dark depths of the Lost World and then heading upstream walking, swimming and climbing through cathedral-size vaults.  It was a cold and dark and TIGHT experience, but it was worth it.  Got to see thousands of glowworms and journey through an environment that I would never get access to back home. Canyoning in Wanaka was awesome and the best tour of the whole trip!  It was a combination or abseiling (rappelling), water slides and jumping off high rocks into deep pools all in the chilly Niger river under sunny Kiwi skies.  Very active and a lot of fun.  Once again, there were a couple of slides and jumps that forced me to cross the fear barrier, but it was all worth it and I would recommend canyoning to anyone looking for some adventure in their next vacation.

After 3 weeks of full on everyday traveling through New Zealand, we grabbed a plane from Christchurch and headed over to Gold Coast, Australia to catch up with old friends.  Spending 2 nights at O’Reilly’s mountain retreat was the perfect cure for us to catch up on sleep and just chill.  We spent another 4 nights down in Gold Coast itself and experienced Australia’s version of Miami Beach to the fullest!  We hit the casino, Vomatron and went waterskiing through the canals… great way to end our journey.  Then it was back on planes for 24 hrs worth of flying back to our home in Bermuda.

Now I’m packed and ready to move back to Toronto tomorrow (March 1) and I’m looking forward to the adventure ahead.  I’ll be committed to working on the new album and getting my new band up and running full time.  This is a great opportunity to finally get my career as an original artist rolling full steam ahead and I can’t wait to get out and be playing back in Canada again!

Rock on,


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