June 7, 2013 DISPATCH ISSUE 63

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After a 6 month hiatus, my new music discovery service program is back – The Blinding Heights Podcast.

What is it? “A music podcast featuring independent recording artists that you need to hear! Will Black carefully handpicks the best of the best each episode to showcase amazing new songs from around our world. Listen to 90 minutes of music plus a feature band interview each episode!”

This month’s show features 17 brand new songs from independent rock and pop artists all over the world (kinda like other me’s).

My Feature Artist on this month’s show is Ottawa-based rock band Cherry Suede (think The Eagles meets Bon Jovi). Experience my fun interview with the 2 guys who make the band tick singer Randy Scott and guitarist Randy Young, plus hear 3 songs off their new album “Between Here And There”.

  • Discover.. Cherry Suede. What makes them one of the most successful independent bands happening right now.
  • Discover.. Heaven’s Basement, a kickass band out of the UK that is awesome noise inspired by The Darkness
  • Discover.. Weekend Riot Club and their soaring vocalist Melissa Marchese – amazing rock n’ roll talent and a new record

I love putting this show together for you guys and now that my new record “Dangerously Close” is into it’s ongoing post-launch promotion phase, I’ve been able to spend time getting back into producing the show.

Plus, I make it easy for you to purchase and download your favourite tracks from the show via the website.

Listen to the show now at The Blinding Heights Episode 30 Homepage.


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