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Good Evening, Planet Earth!

This month I’ve launched a new live streaming service via UStream so that you can watch my weekly performances online from anywhere in the world on desktop / laptop computers AND now including mobile devices (eg. Apple iOS & Android).

Plus, IT’S FREE. No more signups needed, you just visit the site whenever you want and when the show starts – boom! You get to watch as much as you want and request your songs via the channel chatroom.

I love the live stream service as it’s a great way to get fans from all over the place a chance to see my show in action and interact with me and the other fans too. It’s a great forum that I encourage everyone to take a chance on!

Here’s the link for my channel:

HOG PENNY LIVE @ 9:15 PM EST (NYC time) Friday night. This is the electric show where I get loud and perform for the crowd at Hog Penny while taking your requests and interacting with you online at the same time!

ACOUSTIC SUNDAYS @ 11:00 AM EST (NYC time) Sunday mornings. A more intimate and interactive acoustic show from my apartment in Bermuda. Gives me a chance to answer your questions and chill while performing your requests 🙂

In one month I will launching my first ever original Canadian Tour on November 14 – 16! Tour stops include Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal and will be double bill performances along with rockers, Cherry Suede. Get your tickets please at

For your FIRST TIMER 20% ticket discount, please reply back to me ASAP at

Music Video Weekly includes Afsha’s cool lyric video for my track “Holy Love” and an acoustic balcony performance of “Life Is A Highway”!

Rock on,


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