Back In The ‘Songwriting’ Saddle Again


(*NOTE – As of January 2011, ROCKSTAR RADIO officially changed its name to THE BLINDING HEIGHTS PODCAST*)

Good Evening, Planet Earth!

Been a busy month writing new songs that I am quickly premiering each week on the WillBlack website via each episode of ROCKSTAR RADIO. Songs with titles like ‘Alexandra Falling’, ‘Forever Was Never Enough’ & ‘Rift Valley Fever’ to name a few of them. I’ve also begun co-writing with a fantastic Columbus, Ohio based guitarist by the name of Chris Steberl and we will be delivering some full band rock songs by January for the world to hear. It’s been a refreshing experience for me to be completing new material with a co-writer for the first time in a long while.

ROCKSTAR RADIO has had a successful 2nd month on the air, but I need everyone’s help in spreading the word about the great music being featured each week on the show! Word of mouth is the most effective form of promotion there is, so if you are enjoying the program make sure to tell your friends, sisters, brothers, daughters, Moms & Pops and even your boss. I have also been asked if there is a way to donate to ROCKSTAR RADIO and here’s my official reply:

From the beginning I have purposely kept the show available for free and I plan to keep on doing so. My promise to you is to keep Rockstar Radio Podcast FREE and you will never be obligated to make any sort of payment to listen to or download the show. However, if you would like to make a financial donation to the show you can now do so when choosing to download an episode from the ROCKSTAR RADIO homepage at From now on when you choose to download a show, you will be offered the opportunity to ‘name your price’ and donate as much or as little as you’d like for that episode download. FYI – Each week’s show takes about 5-6 hours of my time to produce, plus I have minor costs to maintain and host the shows as well. Every donation is gratefully accepted and will go towards keeping ROCKSTAR RADIO alive and on the air.

Each show I spin 11 songs from 9 different artists over the course of the 60 minute program.  I also have a “FEATURE ARTIST” segment each week on a different musician/band and this month it was my pleasure to feature:

Schiavone Mcgee – Episode 5 on Nov. 7
Ryan Roxie – Episode 6 on Nov. 14
Mudmen – Episode 7 on Nov. 28

This month I also launched a daily ROCKSTAR RADIO “Song Of The Day” feature that you can access at my Facebook Band Page or via The playlist contains streaming songs by indie artists played on ROCKSTAR RADIO plus many of my favorites from classic rock folkore throughout the decades.  If you’d like to make a request for a song to be added to the list, leave me a wall post on Facebook.

As the holidays are upon us, I wish everyone the best of seasonal fun and to be safe out on your local streets! The next WILL BLACK DISPATCH will be sent first Friday of January.

Thanks for listening and rock on!


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