2010! New Decade, New Record, New City


Good Evening, Planet Earth!

For those I didn’t get a chance to say it to – Happy New Year!  I hope the beginning of this new year (and new decade) sees you well on the road to achieving your dreams and conquests.  Hearts and hopes go out to the survivors of the Haiti earthquake.

I’ve been under a rock for the past 2 weeks or so editing a bunch of videos for YouTube.  The all-new Will Black YouTube channel is now up and running, so please click the link and head over to take a look.  I’ve got a handful of new acoustic performances on there that we filmed on a rainy day at Nine Beaches resort here in Bermuda last month.  Thanks to Colin Taylor for use of his fancy Sony videocamera (he was holding an umbrella over it for most of the filming!).  There are another 7 or so acoustic cuts to go up that should see the light of day when I return from New Zealand and Australia (more on that after the jump).  I also put together a tribute video to my 5 year performance run at Hog Penny Pub set to my song, “Senorita Ballerina” – lots of great memories and friends pictured throughout. Finally there is also a post of my interview with Lisa Pickering from VSB TV in Hamilton, Bermuda.  What is the future of live rock ‘n roll?  Watch the interview to see what I reply with when she surprises me with that question.

In about 2 days, Genie and I are traveling off to New Zealand and Australia for our month long adventure vacation in the Southern Hemisphere.  Pretty exciting actually as we will be doing a bunch of cool things we’ve never done before like canyoning, bungee jumping/skydiving, black water rafting, glacier hiking.  As we planned this trip I came to the quick realization that I in fact DO have a modest fear of heights and that I DO get slightly claustrophobic… some fun challenges lie ahead!  I won’t spoil all the details here, but will write a lengthy post of our travels in next month’s issue of the WILL BLACK DISPATCH when we return.

Once I am back in late-February, I’ll get everything together to make my permanent move back to Toronto, Canada.  I can’t reveal all the details yet, but things are in the works for an exciting announcement regarding my new band.  Once everything has been setup and the ball is rolling I’ll let everyone know where and when I will be performing.  I’ll have more info in March once I am back in T.O.

I’d also like to post a link to this amazing video talk from magician, David Blaine.  He truly is an inspirational example of personal drive in pushing the limits of both the human psyche and physical body.  Worth checking out 🙂

Rock on,


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