Dancing With The Dead

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Mama, tell the girls I’m gone
To where the wicked don’t get no rest
Living 9 to 5 is for the broken hearted
I don’t fear no love, beauty is just a test

Midnight keeps falling too early
The weekend keeps on coming too fast
I been taking my steps downtown at The Roxy
I sold my soul just to make it last
Sweet Lucy comes walking closer next to me
And by the lights off the mirrorball I finally see
She ain’t so pretty, not like what those other ghouls say
“I’m sorry Lucy,” I turn my head and walk away

Dancing, I’ve been dancing
Dancing with the dead
Sliding, I keep sliding further
Guess it’s time that I check my head

Get away is what you say
But it don’t matter much to me now
These souls that I hang with are the living dead
And it’s too late, I’m buried 6 feet down
As the nightbreed fall upon the city streets
The dying crawl out from underneath their shelter from the heat
They drain your lifeline, they tell you that you got to stay
Goodnight sunlight, into the dark I fade away



Bury everything I know, everything I say


“Originally written in ’98 from late night, summer experiences in downtown Vancouver. When partying on Granville Street after 3 AM – watch out for the living dead! This is my favorite song off the album (hence it became the title track) and I’m also the one singing the “balls-in-a-vice” harmony vocals on the chorus too ;)”

Song Credits

From the album “Dancing With The Dead”, track released April 1, 2008

written by Will Black © 2008 All Rights Reserved

Will Black – Vocals, guitars
Russ Boswell – Bass
Mike Conto – Guitars
Mark Kelso – Drums
Mark Lalama – Organ

Produced by Will Black
Engineered & mixed by Chris Crerar at Metalworks Studios Toronto, Canada
Mastered by Scott Lake at Metalwork Studios Toronto, Canada

photo by Sarah Hughes

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  1. icraib@gmail.com 23/11/2012 10:11:36

    The layers required to download the “free songs” leads to no where…..so far I haven’t been successful in finding the download location.

    • Will Black 24/11/2012 10:11:53

      Sorry, I don’t understand what problem you are having. Please email me direct at wb@willblack.com and I’ll help you as best I can. Thanks! 🙂

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