Dancing With The Dead (album)

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  1. Dancing With The Dead
  2. Heart Of Gold
  3. Senorita Ballerina
  4. Beautiful Losers
  5. Trouble In Mind
  6. Faraway
  7. Glory Road
  8. Too Much

Album Notes

Recorded at the famous Metalworks Studios located in Toronto, Will assembled a dynamite squad of experienced talent to perform with him on his brand new self-produced album, Dancing With The Dead. It was a fresh adventure to be in the studio recording his original material with such an A-list group of players, and after Day 1 it was plain to see that something special was truly brewing. After a month of focused intensity (and some seriously good homemade chili!) the tracks were laid down, the mixing was done and Dancing With The Dead was born.

DWTD is a collection of originally written songs that display the hope and vitality of rock ‘n roll as only Will can bring to life. From the exhilarating high of the title track to the desperate dreams of Senorita Ballerina, many of rock music’s freeways and dirty corners are explored and brought to the light of day. Will’s songwriting and performances showcase a genuine desire to bring his passion for music into the lives of others. His roots stem from the foundation of the many different artists that he grew up listening to while traveling across the planet.

Released April 1, 2008

Songs written by Will Black © 2008 All Rights Reserved


Will Black – Vocal, Guitars, Harmonica
Russ Boswell – Bass
Mike Conto – Guitars, Backing Vocal
Mark Kelso – Drums
Mark Lalama – Piano, Organ, Accordion
Karen O’Brien – Viola, Violin

Produced by Will Black
Engineered & mixed by Chris Crerar
Mastered by Scott Lake
Recorded at Metalworks Studios Toronto, Canada

Cover photo by Monbill Fung

2 Responses to "Dancing With The Dead (album)"

  1. Diego 19/10/2012 03:10:34

    Great work! you sound very fresh and classic at the same time. Catchy songs, I hear your influences but you also sound like you. Love the hammond in the backround of Dancing With The Dead, very much like Springsteen and Huey lewis, I’m also a musician and I am also very passionate to my music and here I can hear a real and honest musician just like me. Congratulations you music has heart.

    I’ll be happy to buy your album, just show me where I can download it,

    Thanks, keep rockin’ bro

    • Will Black 19/10/2012 03:10:58

      Hi, Diego – thanks for the sincere post! I always like hearing thoughtful feedback from fellow musicians 🙂 If you’d like to buy a copy of the record, simply select any of the links at the top of this page or do a search for “Dancing With The Dead” at iTunes, Amazon or CDBaby. Thank you so much for your interest – please keep in touch.

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