Closer (demo)

Closer, than we ever could before
Closer, how could I want more
Closer, I hear that melody that I seek
Sweet lyric you will speak
Grab my soul to keep

My hand next to your heart
Your heart always on my mind
My mind cannot not think about you
Cross your heart I creep
Grab your soul to keep

Don’t let me go, na na now
Don’t let me go, now my baby
Don’t let me go, na na now
My baby

“This is a new song I wrote for my wife Genie (the beautiful gal in the pic with me) as a followup to “Faraway”, a tune I wrote for her when we were first going out back in 2002.”

Song Credits

From the album “The Blinding Heights (demos)”, track released October 17, 2010

Written by Will Black © 2010 Some rights reserved

Will Black – Vocal, guitar

Produced by Will Black
Engineered & mixed by Mike Conto at ToneFix Studios

Photo by Sacha Blackburne

4 Responses to "Closer (demo)"

  1. Will 26/07/2012 01:07:28

    Wow, that’s so sweet your wife must be damn happy. Want your songs and your voice is amazing .

    I love and enjoy your songs like hell. Dear greetings from Germany. 😉 :-*

    Lg Cindy

    • Will Black 01/08/2012 01:08:16

      Thanks for listening, Cindy! I do my best to keep the Mrs. happy 😉 Rock on.

  2. Gabriel 29/02/2012 09:02:48

    Yuo´re amazying very very good ineed!

    • Will Black 05/03/2012 06:03:16

      Thank you for listening, Gabriel! I appreciate your post 🙂 Rock on.

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